Take it easy on your joints

by | May 21, 2024 | The Walking Book Club

“Take it easy on your joints, girlfriend:

You’ve only got one body.”

If there’s one thing many of us wish we could do, it’s turn back the clock and have a heart-to-heart with our younger selves.

Specifically, I’d have a chat about fitness, intensity, and the long-term health of my joints.

In my 30s and 40s, I was all about pushing the limits. I thrived on the challenge, reveling in the feeling of pushing myself. High-impact activities like box jumping, intense cardio sessions, or lifting heavy weights with gusto were a part of my fitness regimen.

Sometimes, while scrolling through social media, I see posts of people swinging and snapping their shoulder joints to squeeze in as many pull-up reps as possible. While I admire their dedication and drive, I can’t help but think, “That’s too much for the muscles of the rotator cuff.”

If I could return to my younger years, I’d give myself a gentle but firm reminder:

“Take it easy on your joints, girlfriend. You’ve only got one body.”

Don’t get me wrong—I still love the intensity of a challenging workout, which I find in different exercises now. There’s something incredibly satisfying about feeling your body grow stronger, but I’m thoughtful about the how. I’d tell my younger self to incorporate more joint-friendly exercises, like power walking, into my routine.

So, to anyone reading this, a peppy walk has many benefits besides increasing the heart rate.


Here are a few more:


Gentle on Joints:

It’s generally easier on your joints, making it a comfy option if you have joint pain or are recovering from an injury.



Because walking has a lower impact, people often find it easier to stick with it as a regular habit without feeling too beat up afterward.


Accessible to Everyone:

Just about anyone can start walking regularly, no matter their fitness level.


Chill and Enjoyable:

Many folks find walking, especially in nature, to have stress-reducing benefits. Better yet, grab a friend for a walk-n-talk.


Flexible Time-wise:

While running can be time-efficient for cardio, walking still packs a punch health-wise and can fit more easily into busy schedules. Lace up the sneakers at lunch for a quick 15 minutes; no outfit change is needed. 

Of course, a great audiobook can make your walks even more engaging. Check out our expanding list of audiobook reviews, which we rate on Motivation to Move, Quality of Narration, and Overall Experience.

Let’s chat if you need help finding what works to improve your health and fitness. My passion is to help women thrive in mind and body.



PS. Tom Lake by Ann Patchett, narrated by Meryl Steep, gets five sneaker ratings in every measure.

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