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Wellness is about loving your life, with all its imperfections and colorful chaos.

With clever strategies and the right support, I know we can all seize the healthy, happy lifestyles we deserve.

About Julie Kaminski | Coach Counselor Trainer

I’m a wellness coach, counselor and personal trainer, and fitness has been my passion for over thirty years.

It all dates back to my days of synchronized swimming, which I started when I was nine – yes, nose plugs and gelatin-slicked-back hair – and abruptly ended when it was cut from the university budget.

After competing in the first Olympic trials for the sport and becoming an All American, pool time was no longer part of my daily life. I immediately missed the energy: the music, the people, and the invigorating challenge of working as a team.

Teaching what was called “aerobics” back then became my exercise outlet. Years later, the fitness industry has expanded beyond the thong leotard, and I still love helping people get fit and feel great.

From fitness to wellness, and everything in between

After getting a master’s degree in counseling, I worked with survivors of violent crime, chaired the renovation of a local domestic violence shelter, and added a coaching certificate from Wellcoaches to my credentials. Coaching lends a comprehensive framework to the work I’ve been doing intuitively for years. A personal trainer can show you how to do a bicep curl, but a great bicep is not everyone’s answer to wellness.

It can be tough to find the combination of choices and habits that will get the results you desire, especially when it comes to weight loss.

The formula of “calories in versus calories out” is complicated by countless other factors. The kitchen arena, for example, is not my forte. I’ve burnt rice three times in one night. But as a family we’ve developed unique strategies to ensure we get healthy dinners on the table, and have fun doing it.

What makes one person feel and look great might not work for the next. My personal recipe for health and happiness almost always includes a morning cup of coffee over a crossword puzzle, exercise before noon, and laughing over dinner with my husband and three children.

Your recipe will be different, and therein lies the magic.

My clients often tell me they arrive for our sessions burdened with obligations and spinning their wheels. Our time together helps them face the day with more optimism and gain a new passion for overall wellness – wellness that can’t be measured by a scale or a tape measure (although they see those results too).

They lose weight, but even more importantly, they begin to feel better in body and mind. Momentum builds, and long-term results are suddenly within reach.

You deserve to feel good

Let’s find your one-of-a-kind formula for health and happiness. Allow yourself time to celebrate what’s going well and get curious about what could make you stronger and more joyful.

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Certified Wellcoach
Ace certified trainer
Certified Wellcoach

Professional Bio

Julie Kaminski MA, NBC-HWC, holds a Master’s Art with distinction in Counseling Psychology specializing in group work, a Bachelors in Business with an emphasis is Health and Wellness, and is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. She holds ACE certifications in Group Fitness and Personal Training. In addition, she is licensed with Wellcoaches, the only American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) endorsed coaching program.

Julie is the creator of numerous small group training curriculum including Fitness Plus and The Walking Book Club. She has thirty years’ experience working in private practice, major corporations, clubs, and health centers.

Julie’s areas of expertise include: group counseling, dynamic group instruction, creative solutions and project management. Extensive experience in designing custom programs for individuals and groups. Knowledgeable in all areas of wellness, including fitness, health, nutrition, eating behaviors, stress management and spiritual fulfillment. Coaching skills include the application of motivational interviewing, goal setting theory, and appreciative inquiry. She completed University of Pennsylvania’s Foundations of Positive Psychology and is the author of The Flourishing Home.

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