The Walking Book Club

Good for your brain and your body

Julie Kaminski Walking Book Club

The Walking Book Club

Good for your brain and your body

The Walking Book Club is a free online community designed to make exercise and activity more enjoyable, productive and fun. The only “rule” is that you have to be moving to listen.

Four times a year, we listen to a book on while walking, running, cycling, or even doing otherwise-mundane chores around the house. Then we meet online to discuss the book – what we loved, what we learned – and to inspire each other to keep moving.

The Walking Book Club is for anyone who struggles with exercise or physical activity and would love a fun new way to “squeeze it in.” It’s also for readers who like fitness and would love a new exercise hack to add to their arsenal.

Reading has never been so invigorating

The Walking Book Club makes exercise and everyday chores more enjoyable while providing accountability, mental stimulation, and interaction and support from a virtual community.

The extra activity will improve your overall productivity, create, physical changes in your body and cells, and even help you lose weight. In fact, walking is the number one exercise of people who have lost weight and kept it off long-term!

Join the Walking Book Club – it’s free!

The details:

A new book selection will be offered four times a year. Much like a traditional book club, you’ll have the option to meet with us to discuss the book, but we’ll do this on Zoom, a free online meeting space, from the comfort of your home. You’re invited to join us for these chats or, if you prefer, comment and engage in our private Facebook group.

But unlike traditional book clubs, we’ll infuse our time together with health-related tips and topics. And to add a little more accountability to the mix, we’ll set monthly goals for the time you spend moving or the number of steps you take. It’s all about getting you in action!

All you need to participate:


Audible download




Computer for access to Facebook & Zoom

So what are you waiting for?

Stop forcing exercise and start enjoying physical activity.
Join The Walking Book Club online community for motivation, camaraderie, and fitness you finally look forward to.

“You are the best! I will never be able to thank you enough!”

– Karen Hites

Karen Hites testimonial for Julie Kaminski