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Reading has never been so invigorating

The Walking Book Club makes exercise and everyday chores more enjoyable while providing accountability, mental stimulation, interaction and support from a virtual community.

We listen to an audiobook while walking, running, cycling or even doing otherwise-mundane chores around the house. Then we meet online to discuss the book — what we loved, what we learned — and inspire each other to keep moving.

The Walking Book Club is for anyone who struggles with exercise or physical activity and would love a fun new way to “squeeze it in.”

It’s also for readers who like fitness and would love a new exercise hack to add to their arsenal.


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The details:

New book selections occur throughout the year. Much like a traditional book club, you’ll have the option to meet with us to discuss the book from the comfort of your home through Facebook and occasional Zoom meetings. You’re invited to join us, comment and engage in our online Discussion Group. You can also follow us on Goodreads.

Unlike traditional book clubs, we’ll infuse our time together with Healthy-Body Happy-Mind topics. And to add a little more accountability to the mix, we’ll set monthly goals for the time you spend moving or the number of steps you take. Increase your transformation by subscribing to Walking Book Club Insider mailings above; track your progress with special activity guides and bonuses. It’s all about getting you motivated to move!

All you need to participate:

Audiobook downloaded
Computer for access to Facebook & Zoom
walking book club resources

Free Resources:

Get answers to frequently asked questions, our suggestions for the best audiobook platforms, The Walking Book Club updates, links to our facebook group and more free downloadable PDF resources in the TWBC Resource Center.

The Walking Book Club is good for the mind, body, and soul too!

Heart and Soul book chats are virtual gatherings that have a philanthropic aspect to our meetings.

Our virtual events began in 2020 when we hosted best selling author Jeanine Cummins of American Dirt in support of the International Rescue Committee. Since then, we’ve hosted Lisa Wingate and Catherine Gildiner, also best-selling authors, to support worthy humanitarian causes. We hope to host four events per year that are open to the public.

If you can, we ask that you donate to participate in Heart and Soul book chats – instead of bringing a bottle of wine or dessert to a book club gathering, you contribute to a worthy cause.

Together, we can make a difference.

Karen Hites testimonial for Julie Kaminski
“I think about all the pain and injustice the world and the role that book clubs can play in opening up dialogue. One of the many difficult things about this moment in our culture is that people who feel moved to stand up and speak up, when they are people of privilege, they often don’t know how to engage.

I really feel like book clubs can help facilitate more candid dialogue around important issues of racial injustice and inequality. A book club like yours can really promote positive change. Anything that gets people talking and listening outside their own bubble of reality is a really important thing right now. So keep up the great work.”

– Jeanine Cummins, author, American Dirt

“Thank you so much for choosing Where the Crawdads Sing for The Walking Book Club’s selection. What a great concept.”

– Delia Owens, author, Where the Crawdads Sing

Karen Hites testimonial for Julie Kaminski
Lisa Wingate shoutout for the Walking Book Club

“Thank you for starting the Walking Book Club. This is a time when so many people need connection and a bit of an escape from everyday strife, and you’re reaching out and providing both, plus a reason to get out and walk, another thing that helps us all keep on keeping on.”

– Lisa Wingate, author, The Book of Lost Friends

“What you have created is a much needed space where people who want to understand in a deeper manner what is going on around them, while taking care of the vessel—mind and body—given to us to engage with our reality, are welcome. Precious!

Connecting to issues through creative work is a fantastic way to engage and create solutions to themes dealt with in the work. Your choice of books and access to the authors is the key to expanding the possibilities and influence of your great idea.”

– Yareli Arizmendi, narrator, American Dirt

Karen Hites testimonial for Julie Kaminski
Karen Hites testimonial for Julie Kaminski
“The Walking Book Club increased my motivation and enjoyment of movement. When I move/exercise it not only helps me physically but also mentally. Exercise is a stress reliever and a mood enhancer for me. When I exercise, I feel like I am doing something for me because I am important too!

Connecting with others in the Walking Book Club has been a great value to me as I’m a stay at home mom. Sharing my health and fitness goals and my love for books has been great.”

– Laura

“The Walking Book Club helped me reach at least 10,000 steps every day and motivated me to take an extra walk in the evening on many days to get my 10,000. Once I left the house, it was hard to come home because the book was so good. So I often exceeded my goals.

I have lost about 10 lbs since we started, and though much of that is attributed to careful eating, every bit helps! The slow burn of the walk is a wonderful addition to my regular, higher intensity workouts. Plus my dog loves it.”

– Molly

Karen Hites testimonial for Julie Kaminski

So what are you waiting for?

Stop forcing exercise and start enjoying physical activity.
Become a Walking Book Club Insider and track your progress with special bonuses and access to our private Facebook community. It’s all about getting you in action with motivation, camaraderie, and fitness you finally look forward to.