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The Walking Book Club is a free online community designed to make exercise and activity more enjoyable, productive and fun. The only “rule” is you have to be moving to listen.

Here you will find updates, resources, frequently asked questions, and links to previous posts.

The Walking Book Club Updates:

You can find past email updates here. Please comment and engage in our online Discussion Group. You can also follow us on Goodreads.

What’s Less than a Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

What’s Less than a Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

It's the first anniversary of The Walking Book Club® e-Magazine, part of the Heart and Soul Programming. In the past year, we donated to The Ripple Center, Blink Now (which helped procure a school bus), Room to Read, and Everytown. Thanks to everyone who...

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Semaglutide: a hot topic in health

Semaglutide: a hot topic in health

I struggle with life's shades of grey - yes or no, black or white, right or wrong - but life isn't clear-cut. So, when I invited members to share their thoughts on semaglutide, the active ingredient in Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro, your responses were plentiful and...

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Do you hate chores? Me too!

Do you hate chores? Me too!

I hate repetitive tasks -  laundry, grocery shopping, emptying the dishwasher, taking the trash - it never ends, BUT they are all wonderful ways to increase N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Active Thermogenesis). So what makes the dreaded daily chores enjoyable? If you guessed...

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The Walking Book Club Magazine

Group selections are offered quarterly and are supported by The Walking Book Club magazine. The quarterly magazine is part of our Heart and Soul Programs, which supports your health and happiness while supporting humanitarian causes.

The Walking Book Club eMagazine Fall/Winter 2023

When you purchase The Walking Book Club e-Magazine, you are invited to register for Heart and Soul programs, including Book Chats and Workshops at no fee.


You are top of the list for any publisher's complimentary audiobook downloads.


This Q4 2023 issue of The Walking Book Club eMagazine has audiobook extras for The Mindful Body by Ellen Langer, Ph.D.


Your purchase helps keep The Walking Book Club community viable and gives 50% to a charity with our vision.


You’re first in line to question and comment directly to authors and narrators for any Book Chats.


The digital PDF magazine also includes articles and inspiration to support you Healthy-Body Happy-Mind and audiobook extras for group selections.


You can choose to purchase a single issue or subscribe quarterly and save. If you choose to subscribe, you will be automatically charged $14.99 and sent a new magazine PDF every quarter. To cancel your subscription at any time, please email Julie directly.

Your purchase is part of our Heart and Soul Programming which supports philanthropic causes for women, children, and the environment. Making The Walking Book Club good for mind, body, heart, and soul. Your support also keeps the platform alive.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're considering joining The Walking Book Club, you might have questions about logistics. We are an unconventional club, after all, not to mention an innovative way to build more movement into your life. These FAQs explain it all.

What is the mission and vision of The Walking Book Club?

My heart's mission is to help women discover, manifest, and celebrate their unique recipe for Healthy-Body and Happy-Mind!

I founded The Walking Book Club, a virtual global community, that moves while listening to audiobooks to make exercise and activity more enjoyable, and productive, and to inspire wellness.

My vision goes beyond coaching clients and The Walking Book Club Community. I aim to support women, children, and the environment through the Heart and Soul Programs. (Check out Heart and Soul Coaching and Programs here.)

Is The Walking Book Club really free?

Yes! The Walking Book Club is my soul's work; I want to help make Healthy-Body Happy-Mind easier. As my gift to you, all The Walking Book Club online communities, tips, tricks, coaching prompts, and inspiration, are free.

If you enjoy The Walking Book Club, please consider supporting growth and outreach by enrolling in a Heart and Soul Program. Fifty percent of proceeds go to a charity supporting human rights or environmental healing. The other fifty percent helps expand the reach and impact. You can read more about Heart and Soul Programs here.

How can I get The Walking Book Club eMagazine?

You can purchase a copy of The Walking Book Club eMagazine here. After your purchase is complete, you will receive this quarter's e-magazine in your inbox.

You have two options: 

  1. Quarterly subscription: Subscribe and Save! Your credit card will be billed $27.99 every three months on the date that you originally started your subscription to the Walking Book Club e-Magazine. At the beginning of each quarter you will receive the e-magazine for that quarter via email.
  2. Single issue: Purchase this quarter's e-magazine, your credit card will be charged $32.99 once and you will immediately receive the e-magazine for that quarter in your inbox.

When you purchase The Walking Book Club e-Magazine, you are automatically registered for this quarter's Heart and Soul author book chats.

Fifty percent of proceeds go to a charity supporting human rights or environmental healing. The other fifty percent helps expand the reach and impact. You can read more about Heart and Soul Programs here.

Why is The Walking Book Club unique?

As a National Board Health Coach, ACE Personal Trainer &  Group Fitness, and counseling psychologist, The Walking Book Club also includes coaching/goal-setting prompts and information on Healthy-Body Happy-Mind topics. 

Unlike traditional book clubs, we’ll infuse our time together with health-related tips and inspiration and the tools to motivate change.

Why should I join The Walking Book Club?

The Walking Book Club makes exercise and everyday chores more enjoyable while providing accountability, mental stimulation, and interaction and support from a virtual community. I hope that you become engaged in the book so much that you want to keep moving (insider secret - there's no Walking Book Club police department, so do what works best for you ). 

The extra activity will improve your overall productivity, create physical changes in your body and cells, and even help you lose weight. In fact, walking is the number one exercise of people who have lost weight and kept it off long-term!

Much like a traditional book club, you’ll have the option to meet with us from time to time to discuss the audiobook from the comfort of your home. You’re invited to join us, comment, and engage in our online Facebook group, Instagram or directly with me via email.

What do I need to get started?

A device to listen to the audiobook, headphones if you choose, and a good pair of sneakers if walking is your choice of exercise or activity. If you want to participate in the optional discussions, you will need access to a computer.

Where can I find what The Walking Book Club is currently moving and listening to?

Our current audiobook group selections can be found in several places.

Is the audio book included?

Not at this time. There are a variety of platforms to access audio books. In addition, many public libraries now loan free audio books. Here’s a link that compares audiobook services.

Here’s a comprehensive list of The Walking Book Club’s top 20 audiobook platforms as recommended by the members of our global community of book lovers in sneakers!

Do I need to participate in the online conversation?

Nope. Nothing is mandatory. Many participants find the discussions enhances the experience, making it even more enjoyable.

Here's what one participant says about our discussion group: "I love discussing books. I learn so much from others. We all perceive through our own lenses on the world and interpret in different ways."

The choice is yours: engage a lot or a little in our Facebook group, connect on Instagram, follow on Goodreads, or stay tuned in through email only. 

I don’t use social media. How else can I stay connected?

Regular emails are sent with updates for The Walking Book Club, and Healthy-Body Happy-Mind information and inspiration. I welcome email correspondence and do my best to reply within 24 hours. You can also connect with us on Goodreads. Please see Q & A below to make sure emails from Julie Kaminski make it to your inbox and not spam.

I also offer The Walking Book Club magazine which is part of our Heart and Soul Program. The quarterly guide includes:

  • Priority seating and the opportunity to chat with authors in our Heart and Soul Book Chats 
  • Audiobook extra for group selections to enhance the listening experience
  • Reserved complimentary seating in all virtual workshops
  • Inspiration and information on Healthy-Body Happy-Mind topics
  • Health coaching from an experienced Board Certified Health Coach
  • Puts you at the top of the list for any author promotions

Fifty percent of the proceeds are donated to a charity that supports women, children, or the environment. All these perks for 24.99! 

Enroll here.

How often are new selections introduced?
Group selections are introduced quarterly. Book extras are included in The Walking Book Club Guide. Sometimes the group selections are theme based, for example, Audie nominated audiobooks.
Can I complete the book at my own pace?
Yes! The beauty of The Walking Book Club is its flexibility. You choose when and where you listen and move. Nothing is mandatory.
Do you have a list of books that you can recommend?
Looking for your “next great listen?” Check out the Sneaker Reviews of our past selections. We rate the book on Motivation to Move, Narration Quality, and Overall Experience. You can access past audiobook sneaker reviews and ratings here.
What are Sneaker Ratings?
At the end of each selection, we rate the listen on a scale of 1-5 in the following areas: a) Did it motivate you to move more? b) How did you like the narration? and c) How was your overall experience with the audio book?
Are there any rules?
The only thing we ask is to be mindful of "letting the cat out of the bag" when it comes to storyline. The idea is to listen only when moving, but it’s not a hard rule.
Do I have to walk, or can I be active in other ways?
Any activity counts - chores, gardening, cooking, etc. Non-Exercise Active Thermogenesis or NEAT energy is a significant contributor to overall health.
What if my walking environment isn’t safe? Or the weather is bad?
Try listening while doing daily life activities, like chores around the house. One of my favorite non-exercise activities is prepping fruits, veggies, and healthy meals. The Walking Book Club can make repetitive tasks like laundry more enjoyable.
What if I already read/listened to the selected group titles or I’m not interested in them?
I try to offer at least two group selections. If you have trouble getting the selected title, consider another title by the same author. If neither group selection piques your interest, no worries! Pick something that excites and interests you. You still get goal-setting accountability, bonus materials, and Healthy-Body Happy-Mind tips, tools, and tactics for inspiration. We’re always looking for great selections and welcome recommendations.
I didn't receive my welcome email, what do I do?

Technology is sometimes finicky. Please check your junk or spam folders if your welcome email doesn’t arrive within an hour. Next, please mark as safe so that emails from my address do not end up in your junk folder. Here are instructions for the most popular ESPs:

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Why does this happen?
Email Service Providers (ESPs) sometimes block email from an entire server, IP address, or ISP (Internet Service Provider) to protect you from unwanted or malicious email such as phishing, scams and spam. From time to time they get a false negative, which happens when they mistake email that you want for email that you don’t want.

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