Healthy-Body Happy-Mind

Hi, I’m Julie.

I help women discover and create their Healthy-Body Happy-Mind recipes for life.

As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, counselor and personal trainer, I believe in figuring out what will work for the long haul — no quick fixes!

Your recipe for life is as unique as you are; let’s find it together.

I’m passionate about using “outside the box” ways to make health and happiness easier.

This includes creating experiences like The Walking Book Club, a free virtual community that moves while listening to audiobooks, helping members create a Flourishing Home that supports wellness and well-being goals. And, I teach people how to celebrate the Cupcake Moments of life — those small personal bite-size victories, validations and happy occurrences that give meaning to every day.

Julie Kaminski | The Flourishing Home

The Walking Book Club

Join a community of book lovers in sneakers where movement is more enjoyable, productive and fun.

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Julie Kaminski | The Flourishing Home

Flourishing Home

Learn how to optimize your efforts at home to live a healthy and happy life in my 100% free four-part online course.

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