Healthy-Body Happy-Mind

Hi, I’m Julie.

As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, ACE personal trainer & group fitness instructor, and counselor, I combine health coaching, fitness, and mental wellness into what I like to call Healthy-Body Happy-Mind.

My heart’s mission is to help women discover, manifest, and celebrate their unique recipe for Healthy-Body and Happy-Mind!

heart and soul programs

The Walking Book Club

I’m also the founder of The Walking Book Club, a virtual global community that moves while listening to audiobooks. The Walking Book Club aims to make exercise and activity more enjoyable, productive, and fun.

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heart and soul programs

Heart and Soul Programs

My vision goes beyond coaching clients and The Walking Book Club Community. I aim to support women, children, and the environment through the Heart and Soul Programs.

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Julie Kaminski | The Walking Book Club

More about Julie

Julie is among the first health coaches in the world to be Board Certified through the National Board of Medical Examiners. This designation places her in the US’s top tier of health coaches. You can read more about her background and passion for wellness and wellbeing here.

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