July-September Selections and Tips to Beat the Heat

by | Jul 2, 2024 | The Walking Book Club

I’m thrilled to officially kick off the July-September round starting July 1.

There’s so much “yummy goodness” happening this quarter.Here’s the inside scoop. Like the Charleston Literary Festival, we’re pairing Lottie Hazel’s debut novel, Piglet, with Emmeline Clein’s audiobook, Dead Weight, for a fascinating discussion on


“What has food meant to you
throughout your life?”

I’ve previewed both and started writing a review of Dead Weight. Seven hours in, my review became a deep dive into my 30-plus years as a health coach, counselor, and trainer. And I still have more to say!

I’m super excited to kick off this discussion with you, virtually or in person.


Here’s the plan:

  1. Download Piglet and get moving. Any type of activity counts, so don’t worry if it’s too hot outside.
  2. Mid-July Check-In. We’ll touch base virtually to share your thoughts on Piglet and discuss, “What has food meant to you throughout your life?”
  3. Weekly Listening Challenge. Continue the conversation by moving and listening to one or two essays a week from Emmeline’s Dead Weight. It’s going to be spicy!


Beat the heat

Alternatives to Walking & Tips for Staying Active

Summer heat got you down, Northern Hemisphere friends? No worries! Here are some fun ways to stay active without melting in the sun.

1. Indoor Workouts:
Turn your living room into a fitness studio! Try yoga, dance workouts, or strength training. With countless online classes, you can sweat it out with the AC on.

2. Treat Yourself to a Pair of Waterproof Headphones and Dive In:
Take your audiobooks to the pool and swim laps; it’s a splashy way to beat the heat!

3. Early Birds and Night Owls:
Walk early in the morning or after sunset to avoid the scorching sun. Plus, dawn and dusk walks often have beautiful views and a refreshing breeze.

4. Shady Strolls:
Find trails with lots of trees. Parks and nature reserves often have shaded paths that make walking more pleasant and cooler.

5. Hydration Hacks:
Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout. Wear light, breathable clothes and a hat, and consider a cooling towel or portable fan.

6. Short and Sweet:
Break your workout into shorter sessions throughout the day. This way, you avoid the heat while keeping fit.

Summer exercise doesn’t have to be a sweaty struggle. With these cool tips, you’ll stay active and have fun all season long!

Stay cool, Northern Hemisphere peeps.



Are you in the Charleston area?

Join us on September 28 at Colonial Lake for a picnic in the park and the first-ever in-person gathering of The Walking Book Club®.  

I would really love to meet you in person!

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