My Hope for Healthcare

by | Jan 18, 2024 | The Walking Book Club, Wellness

I like my doctor and feel that I have a partner in my health care. She spends ample time discussing my concerns, and I never feel rushed or dismissed. (I’ve shared my LPa cholesterol nuance in the past, which is a reality I’d rather not deal with but have to.)

As a board-certified health coach, some aspects of my last healthcare interactions got under my skin.

Here’s my 90-second “ventilation moment” on why board-certified health coaches should be a part of your healthcare team.

During my pre-physical testing, the nurse put me on what is likely a costly scale that reports body fat and makes suggestions for healthy weight. According to the report, the calculation classifies me as overweight and suggests I lose an additional 17 pounds, a weight I haven’t seen since high school!

The doctor agreed the number made no sense, but that is what is in the report.

We discussed the potential benefits of additional weight loss (including decreasing breast cancer risk), and she suggested more weight training and cardio, such as rowing and swimming. Here’s the irritating rub – I’ve returned to teaching small-group fitness and feel better than I have in a decade! I also regularly take classes, yet the suggestion was to weight train.

GURL – I do!

Oh, and the idea of rowing or swimming – sounds great, but it doesn’t agree with my aging shoulders.

My takeaway is that even with the best intentions, numbers and prescriptive advice only go so far. 

Julie Kaminski on the magaformer

My Hope for Healthcare

Because of my background, I’m able to revise my health goalsI have recommitted to more cardio exercising and know what works for me.

But what about the person who needs a safe place to figure out how to forward their health goals successfully?

Behavior modification and change is complex. It’s not as easy as tossing out: “Try rowing, intermittent fast, lose weight.” And that’s why I believe that board-certified health coaches should be a part of your healthcare team.

A health coach can create a safe place for you to figure out what your health goals are and how to move toward them in a way that works for your unique journey.

If you want a safe place to talk about your health and happiness goals and YOUR answers for achievement, let’s connect.

I love my work with clients because each journey is unique, AND I love the happy dance we do together when you have little and big victories! Click here for more information on how we can work together.

(If you’re looking for a low impact, high intensity, safe, effective workout, check out Megaformer classes. It’s my new favorite!)



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