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Healthy-Body Happy-Mind wellness coaching for life-long results

Maybe you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while. You might be feeling frustrated and wondering if anything will ever work. Perhaps you take off three pounds one week only to put on four the next. Perhaps you even have some anxiety over what to wear and cringe at the thought of what you’ll look like in pictures.

You want to feel good, but it’s an uphill battle.

In our work together, we take a broad view of everything that impacts optimal wellness. We’ll uncover the habits and beliefs that might be holding you back and undermining your determination to have a healthy body and a happy mind.

We work together to craft practical, strategic solutions that finally get results — so you can feel healthy physically and happy in life.

A new way of thinking about health and happiness.

Julie Kaminski | Coach Counselor Trainer

As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and counselor, I’m trained to ask questions that help you find the answers.

I draw on a powerful combination of coaching skills combined with 30 years of experience in fitness and counseling to keep you accountable, inspired and on track for success.

You will set meaningful goals, explore your unique strengths, identify real-world obstacles and strategize transformative solutions.

Unlike costly diet products, exercise gyms and personal trainers who focus on one habit, my Healthy-Body Happy-Mind Coaching helps you put all the components together for complete well-being.

Our work together will help you:

Gain clarity on your priorities and how to attend to them regularly
Develop a new set of tools to deal with the mind chatter that might be impacting your health and happiness
Create a concrete, doable Healthy-Body Happy-Mind plan that finally takes your body, genetics and lifestyle into account
Savor and celebrate your little victories along the way so you can sustain long-term success

I care deeply about your success and encourage you to reach out with questions or concerns between our sessions via email or text.

Your work toward your health and happiness doesn’t occur in a vacuum; hurdles will arise and I will be there to help you find ways to overcome and circumvent them.

Coaching with Julie Kaminski | Values Curiosity Clarity Validation Motivation Celebration Love

This is sustainable health – not a band-aid solution.

Together, we’ll find the long-term, lifelong answers to living your optimal life. The next time you get off track, you’ll know how to self-correct because you’ll have your own set of personal tools to call upon.

Together, we’ll celebrate all your little victories and Cupcake Moments along the way, because it’s the small successes that result in real change.

A beautiful ripple effect happens through this work.

As you start to succeed, your confidence grows, impacting other areas of your life and radiating out to those around you.

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Lace-up your sneaks and let’s get moving while we talk about making your Healthy-Body Happy-Mind goals a reality!
Book a coaching session with Julie Kaminski

Single Coaching Session

Returning Client? Book a 50-minute coaching session where we build upon the work we have done and continue to grow your health and happiness.
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Healthy-Body Happy-Mind Jump Start

Save $100 when you bundle 1 Discovery + 3 Single Sessions in 3 months with unlimited email support and personalized activities to match your goals.

The Walking Book Club Walk-n-Talk Coaching

Want to work together more closely to support your growth and happiness during The Walking Book Club? Lace-up your sneaks and let’s get moving while we talk about making your Healthy-Body Happy-Mind goals a reality!

Karen Hites testimonial for Julie Kaminski
“I’ve been working with Julie for 14 months now. The benefits of her coaching have been life altering for me and my family. She has facilitated in transitioning my intentions to reality, my visions to fulfillment. I have braces at 52! She has helped me understand and commit to doing what my soul has required. My ideas have a pulse because of her. OH….I could go on and on, but now, I’m crying! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ”

– Karen Hites

Karen Gischlar testimonial
“I can testify to your training, skills, and general awesomeness. You worked with me to build a personalized toolkit and tailored sessions to my needs. You used the science, but also the art of coaching/counseling to help me reach my weight loss goals, and to live a happier, healthier, more authentic life. Thanks, Julie! You Rock!”

– Karen Gischlar

Theresa Saracinello testimonial
“When I started my work with Julie, my sole focus was on weight loss. However, Julie helped me understand that being fit and healthy is more than a number on a scale—it’s a way of life. She helped me make lifestyle changes that have greatly improved my physical health and overall sense of well-being. Julie listens, teaches, supports, coaches, and cheerleads. Through my work with her, I have learned a great deal and am happier with myself and my life.”

– Theresa Saracinello

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