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Happy Wednesday! How’s your week going?

Last week was a doozy in the Kaminski household with a dose of COVID chaos. Luckily, we’re all still healthy, but one college-age child is in quarantine after being exposed to a fellow student who tested positive. 

As much as you can plan, organize, journal, and set goals, life throws curveballs.

We all have them; it’s life’s colorful (or yucky) chaos. I’ll be honest, after the crisis of getting my daughter safely out of the dorm, I allowed myself a “woobie day.”

What do you do when you’re served a curveball? After a new morning, symbolic regroup, lots of self talk, and journaling gratitude, I’m back with optimism to The Walking Book Club. I am grateful for you and our community.

Here’s what’s on deck for the next few weeks.

The Walking Book Club August update


Open discussion on group selections begins on August 23. You’re welcome to speak freely on book plots at this point. Give thought to Sneaker Ratings, which will also be next week.



Next month’s group selection audiobooks are anything written by bestselling author Lisa Wingate. If you weren’t with us last month, The Walking Book Club gave The Book of Lost Friends many 5 sneaker reviews. Her historical fiction story, Before We Were Yours, is also compelling.

We’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with Lisa on September 17. Reserve your spot here. Please make a small contribution to Feeding America to participate; this will be our third 2020 Heart and Soul book chat.


Healthy-Body and Happy-Mind Topic

When I first began doing workshops on the science of weight loss and weight maintenance, the diet industry was worth $40–60 billion. The most recent statistic is closer to $80 billion. Mind-blowing! And yet, we’re a society that is 60–70% overweight or obese.

Clearly, quick fixes are not the answer. 

Over the next eight weeks, we’ll tackle the science of weight loss and maintenance in bite-size pieces. (No pun intended.) Please feel free to share your questions or concerns either in our Discussion Group or directly to me via email or message. This aspect of Healthy-Body and Happy-Mind has been the cornerstone of the work I’ve done for the last 30 years as a coach, counselor, and trainer.


Hope to hear from you soon, either in our Discussion Group or directly back via email.



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