The Walking Book Club Premium Membership

I’m so glad you popped by to check out the Premium membership.

It’s truly an amazingly affordable option to help you create, achieve, celebrate, and value your Healthy-Body and Happy-Mind.

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Julie Kaminski | The Walking Book Club

Here’s the scoop.

I adore the work I do with women and want to offer The Walking Book Club members a service beyond the fitness aspect while listening to audiobooks.

In this case, age does have its perks!

I have decades of work in counseling psychology, group fitness, and personal training, and ultimately earned the highly respected National Board Certification for Health and Wellness Coaching administered through the National Board of Medical Examiners.

Add to that a master’s in counseling psychology and personal training certification, and the result is a symbolic toolbox filled with tactics, insights, and the skills to help you achieve optimal wellness and well-being.

How does it work,
and is included?

The Walking Book Club Premium Membership includes:


Private 20 min call each month

Grab your favorite beverage and we’ll focus solely on you. Each month, you accrue 20 minutes for a Zoom of phone call that you can use monthly or bank for one longer session of up to 80 minutes.

Unlimited email communication

Use it as much or as little as you would like, for resources, support, accountability, coaching, and encouragement all at your fingertips.

Reserved seating

Automatic complimentary, reserved seating for all of The Walking Book Club author book chats.

Priority access

Automatic priority for any promotions and free previews from publishers.

Bonus resources

Monthly Healthy-Body Happy-Mind bonus pdf resource with optional extras.

Monthly Workshops

Monthly Facebook Live and/or group Zoom workshops.

You get all of the above for about the price of a manicure!

As a reference point, board-certified health coaches with advanced degrees and experience, like me, charge up to $150 for one 50-minute session.

Become a Premium Member

The introductory price for The Walking Book Club members is $24.98/month, or you may choose a discounted yearly membership of $249.98. Membership will be limited so I can provide the best service possible.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the one-to-one a worthwhile investment?

Each month, you accrue 20 minutes that can be used right away or banked for one longer session of up to 80 minutes. Consider this a delectable time focused solely on you.

Each session you get to tap into the depth of experience I bring to the session. I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology, am a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach who holds ACE certifications in Group Fitness, Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition. Along with 35 years of working in group fitness and personal training, I have high-level coach training with Wellcoaches and have completed the University of Pennsylvania’s Foundations of Positive Psychology.

All these skills blend beautifully to help you uncover, refine, manifest, and celebrate your Healthy-Body Happy-Mind.

What is a board-certified health coach?
The National Board of Certified Health and Wellness Coaching worked The National Board of Medical Examiners, the organization that certifies physicians, to administer a rigorous exam to certify health coaches. This high standard is the credential you should look for when someone says they’re a health coach.
What happens if I can't use my 20 minutes/month?
You can bank up to four 20-minute blocks for one 80-minute session. It’s a great alternative to quick sessions. The extended session provides an opportunity to dig a little deeper, refine meaningful goals, and talk through strategies.
What if I need to cancel my membership?

Monthly memberships can be canceled at any time before the new month begins. Yearly memberships are discounted and, therefore, can not be refunded.

How to cancel your premium membership in PayPal:

  1. Click Log In. It’s at the top right corner of the website.
  2. Sign in with your PayPal username and password.
  3. Click the gear icon.
  4. Click Payments.
  5. Click Manage Pre-approved Payments.
  6. Select the “The Walking Book Club Premium Membership” payment.
  7. Click Cancel.
  8. Click Cancel Profile to confirm.

“Thank you for starting the Walking Book Club. This is a time when so many people need connection and a bit of an escape from everyday strife, and you’re reaching out and providing both, plus a reason to get out and walk, another thing that helps us all keep on keeping on.”

Lisa Wingate

Author, The Book of Lost Friends

“I really feel like The Walking Book Club can help facilitate more candid dialogue around important issues and promote positive change. Anything that gets people talking and listening outside their own bubble of reality is a really important thing right now. So keep up the great work.”

Jeanine Cummins

Author, American Dirt

“TWBC is a much needed space where people who want to understand in a deeper manner what is going on around them, while taking care of their mind and body, are welcome. Precious! Your choice of books and access to authors is the key to your great idea.”
Yareli Arizmendi

Narrator, American Dirt

Become a Premium Member

The introductory price for The Walking Book Club members is $24.98/month, or you may choose a discounted yearly membership of $249.98. Membership will be limited so I can provide the best service possible.