Abandoning goals

by | May 13, 2022 | The Walking Book Club, Wellness

Getting a Ph.D. has been included in my last two Letters to Future Best Self, but it may be time to abandon that goal. (More info Letter to Future Best Self below.)

In May of 2021, I watched my sons graduate from undergrad and graduate school after navigating remote semesters and thought, “why not try now?” So I applied, got accepted, completed two semesters, and learned a ton!

But, I also shed buckets of tears of frustration, stopped exercising regularly, professional passions fell by the wayside, and important relationships were neglected. In short, my joy all but disappeared.

Ironic since the degree is in mind-body medicine.

Abandoning goals

Here’s what I’ve learned as a coach and human.

Abandoning goals can be a tough pill to swallow and may require time to process the decision. Allow yourself patience and grace. It has taken me time to process, and it is a meaningful lesson as a coach too.

The answer is yours – you determine the positive and negative aspects. As much as I love intellectual curiosity and learning, the sacrifice to health, well-being, and relationships tipped the scale for me. As much as I wished for a black or white answer, the answer came in a shade of grey.

Letting go allows for space for other different growth. Although I’m abandoning the doctorate goal, my activist heart has grown — more on Heart and Soul Book Chats in the next update. In the meantime, please mark your calendar for June 20th when we get to chat with the author of our current group selections – the Book Woman series by Kim Michele Richardson!

virtual hike of the Appalachia Trail

The Walking Book Club Update

Please join us for a virtual hike of the Appalachia Trail to celebrate the Book Woman Series set in the beautiful smokey mountains. Every Sunday, I invite you to share your previous week’s miles or steps for a collective walk in our Discussion Group, on Instagram, or directly with me. Let’s see if we can finish the 2100-mile trail together!



PS: I’m a super fan of Laura King’s writing exercise, Letter to Your Future Best Self. It’s a fantastic tool I suggest my clients undertake to help them gain clarity on values and big-picture dreams. It’s also something I practice myself. If it piques your interest, consider joining my Premium Program, which includes a selection of Big Picture Discovery Exercises.

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