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Heart & Soul Book Chats

The Walking Book Club is good for the mind, body, and soul too!

Heart and Soul book chats are virtual gatherings that have a philanthropic aspect.

We pair authors or books with a humanitarian cause. Instead of bringing a bottle of wine or dessert to a book club gathering, we ask that you make a small donation (if able) to participate.

Together, we can make a difference.

Sadeqa Johnson, The Yellow Wife

Please join us in our next Heart and Soul Book Chat with Sadeqa Johnson, author of The Yellow Wife. We have a month of virtual events planned, culminating on February 7th with Sadeqa to benefit the Sacred Ground Project.

The walking book club heart and soul book chat with Sadeqa Johnson
A “virtual walk” of The Richmond Slave Trail will jump-start the round from January 2nd through January 11th. It will include daily posts giving history to the backdrop of The Yellow Wife.
A virtual Lunch and Learn with historian and expert on Slave Trade, Ana Edwards on January 6th at noon EST. Register here.
The Yellow Wife prizes (Premium Members automatically enrolled), courtesy of Sadeqa Johnson, including:

  • One grand prize winner: The Yellow Wife novel, Yellow Wife 500 piece puzzle, Yellow Wife Body Oil, and Yellow Wife tea
  • Three runner ups: 1 copy of Yellow Wife novel
  • Three 2nd runner ups: Yellow Wife Body Oil
  • Three 3rd runner ups: Yellow Wife tea
Guided discussion January 12th – 31st on The Yellow Wife in our Facebook Discussion Group.
Heart and Soul Book Chat with the author, Sadeqa Johnson, to benefit the Sacred Ground Project Sunday, February 7th at 5:00 pm EST. Register here.
Karen Hites testimonial for Julie Kaminski
“I’ve been thinking a lot about all the pain and injustice the world (like everyone) and about the role that book clubs can play in opening up dialogue. One of the many difficult things about this moment in our culture is that people who feel moved to stand up and speak up, when they are people of privilege, they often don’t know how to engage. Or they’re afraid to engage. Or they feel like it’s not their place to engage. And I really feel like book clubs can help facilitate more candid dialogue around important issues of racial injustice and inequality.

A book club like yours, that’s potentially diverse, can really promote positive change. Anything that gets people talking and listening outside their own bubble of reality is a really important thing right now, I think. So keep up the great work.”

– Jeanine Cummins, author, American Dirt

“Thank you for starting the Walking Book Club.

This is a time when so many people need connection and a bit of an escape from everyday strife, and you’re reaching out and providing both, plus a reason to get out and walk, another thing that helps us all keep on keeping on.”

– Lisa Wingate, author, The Book of Lost Friends

Lisa Wingate shoutout for the Walking Book Club
Karen Hites testimonial for Julie Kaminski
“What you have created is a much needed space where people who want to understand in a deeper manner what is going on around them, while taking care of the vessel—mind and body—given to us to engage with our reality, are welcome. Precious!

Connecting to issues through creative work is a fantastic way to engage and create solutions to themes dealt with in the work. Your choice of books and access to the authors is the key to expanding the possibilities and influence of your great idea.”

– Yareli Arizmendi, narrator, American Dirt

What participants have to say

“This was an amazing and insightful discussion! So glad I was able to join. Thank you Julie for setting this up and for all your do for The Walking Book Club.”

“Thank you for this great dialogue in the book chat. I have found it to be very thought-provoking.”

“I loved the book chat, the author, and the charity you chose Julie. I really appreciate you organizing these events!”

“What a wonderful hour! Fascinating and inspiring, thank you.”

“I had tears in my eyes throughout the call.”

“Amazing, enlightening, and inspiring dialogue! Thank you!”

About Julie Kaminski

Julie Kaminski | The Walking Book Club

Julie Kaminski MA, NBC-HWC, holds a Master’s Art with distinction in Counseling Psychology specializing in group work, a Bachelors in Business with an emphasis is Health and Wellness, and is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. She holds ACE certifications in Group Fitness and Personal Training. In addition, she is licensed with Wellcoaches, the only American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) endorsed coaching program.

Julie is the creator of numerous small group training curriculum including Fitness Plus and The Walking Book Club. She has thirty years’ experience working in private practice, major corporations, clubs, and health centers.

Julie’s areas of expertise include: group counseling, dynamic group instruction, creative solutions and project management. Extensive experience in designing custom programs for individuals and groups. Knowledgeable in all areas of wellness, including fitness, health, nutrition, eating behaviors, stress management and spiritual fulfillment. Coaching skills include the application of motivational interviewing, goal setting theory, and appreciative inquiry. She completed University of Pennsylvania’s Foundations of Positive Psychology and is the author of The Flourishing Home.