Torn Ligaments

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Wellness

Just when you think you’ve got the Recipe for Your Ideal Day all figured out…

Okay, little secret: I’m coming up on two years of discomfort.

What I thought was everlasting muscle soreness turned out to be an aging back, a torn knee ligament, and a torn hip labrum. For months I was really down and spent waaaayyy too much time playing ipad games on the couch. Teaching group fitness was off the table … at least for a good month, which meant the social connections and laughter was also greatly diminished. The ingredients for my ideal day weren’t available, but husband nudged me coach myself.

On reflection, one of my favorite clients inspired me to refresh my perspective. Our work together had gotten her to a happier-healthier life when she was slammed with a heavy medical diagnosis. Her recipe for her ideal day went out the window. Now, two years later, she is involved in new activities and flourishing. She too, had to go back to the symbolic kitchen and tweak her recipe.  

So, I revised my recipe for health and happiness as well.

After all, the circumstances had changed! With my injuries, my old routine no longer worked for me.

My new recipe includes hot yoga (shout to Yoga Essence in Lebanon), Pilates on the reformer (shout out to The Pilates Studio at HealthQuest) and acupuncture (shout out to Tamara B).


Here’s what resonates:

Keep your sense of humor. Perfection is always overrated.  I love that I’m yoga-challenged…when people in class are doing beautiful “birds of paradise” it’s entertaining to be the chicken in the room. They look graceful and when I catch a glimpse in the mirror I can’t help but laugh. Keeping things in perspective (with a side of humour!) allows me to take more chances.  My client has always inspired me with her sense of humor, even in the darkest of times.

It can be fun to be a novice. I’ve finally gotten into the rhythm of taking yoga classes on a regular basis – okay, somewhat regular basis. For a girl who loves to hoot and holler with a sweaty gang of exercisers, it’s a big deal to sit quietly on a mat for an hour. I’m also a beginner in Pilates, where I’ve learned to trust Sarah and Aimee when they ask me do to moves I don’t think are possible. Surprise surprise, I can usually do what they ask! More or less.

You can try new things and still be yourself. At the end of class, when the instructor bows her head in Namaste, I feel the need to clap and give everyone a high five! I have clapped for those nailing their birds of paradise and I might just start high-fiving my classmates on the way out the door.

Reach out for help from other sources. Integrative Medicine is incredible. If you haven’t already tried acupuncture, I urge you to consider it. For the first time in years some of the muscles in my back have actually released. I was blown away by the reduction in tension after my first visit. Now it’s part of my self-care. And a good physical therapist is a must. (Thank you JAG in Warren.)


This process is been humbling. It’s not always easy or fun to be faced with change and challenges – in fact, it can be downright scary. But turning points are also opportunities. They can make way for new beginnings.

It’s all about finding a recipe that works for you while remembering life isn’t static, and sometimes, things change. Keep your sense of humor and remember, perfection is overrated, and there can be excitement in “not-knowing.” Also, you never have to go it alone.

Have you ever had to tweak your Recipe for an Ideal Day?

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