Let the story sweep you away – in your sneakers!

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Wellness

You’re invited!

Join The Walking Book Club with Julie Kaminski this fall!

I’m so excited for this next round. I’ve been working hard creating bonus materials, fun weekly challenges, Happy Planner Stickers for our organizational enthusiasts, themed recipes,  interactive experiences and MORE!


Here’s the scoop:

Instead of sitting and reading, we move and listen. It’s simple, fun and FREE!

It’s so easy – all you need is a pair of sneakers and a listening device like your phone. That’s it!

Access to a computer can enhance the experience as there are optional online Zoom meetings and discussion on our Facebook Page. The goal is to make exercise more enjoyable with a great story that will motivate you to keep moving.

Because it’s self-paced, you move whenever and wherever you want. Love the book? Move more. Not crazy about the selection? No big deal, choose something of your liking. You still get all the goodies!

One of the things I love about the Walking Book Club is the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world. The power of technology connects our fun community of book lovers in sneakers!  There’s built-in motivation, support AND accountability.

Need more convincing? Walking is an effective intervention for myriad health issues. Stop the progression of prediabetes, help control cholesterol, maintain a healthy weight, fight depression….the list is long.


You get real-world tips, tools and tactics to make Healthy-Body Happy-Mind easier. As a middle-aged mom of three holding down the family fort and a job I love, I’m always on the lookout to make life easier. I have a few tricks up my sleeve from 30+ years of fitness, counseling and coaching.


Pass this on and recruit some friends – the more the merrier.

We start after Labor Day. Mark your calendar and watch for the kick-off letter coming around September 1st.


Here’s what our listeners are saying about The Walking Book Club:

“The Walking Book Club increased my motivation and enjoyment of movement. When I move/exercise it not only helps me physically but also mentally. Exercise is a stress reliever and a mood enhancer for me. When I exercise, I feel like I am doing something for me because I am important too! Connecting with others in the Walking Book Club has been a great value to me as I’m a stay-at-home mom. Sharing my health and fitness goals and my love for books has been great.”


“The Walking Book Club Facebook group is so valuable; I am more motivated and positive. Connection regarding something positive for myself is huge, even if it is only moments. It’s a mental break…rather like taking a moment to hug yourself. 🙂 I get so busy that to be honest I don’t always have connection to people for MY life…goals…that sort of thing.”


“Julie’s walking book club is brilliant; once you get hooked into a good story, you also get hooked into movement! During my time with the walking book club I increased my frequency and length of my walks which in turn has me feeling happier and healthier. Thanks Julie!”


“The Walking Book Club solved two problems for me; I missed being in a book club (time) and I do better with health goals when others are working with me. The Walking Book Club is perfect because I’m listening to great books and I’m part of a community of avid readers who are looking to improve their health. It’s fun and it works!”

The Walking Book Club is free to join, but you have to sign up here to claim your spot.

Join us and discover how easy exercise can be!



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