Tools and tricks to manage the treats

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I’m beyond excited to announce our November audiobook group selection will be the FireKeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley.⁠

Not only will the mystery keep you motivated to move, the coming of age story will tug at your heart.⁠

It’s also a beautiful way to celebrate and acknowledge the invaluable contributions and resilience of Indigenous peoples.⁠

I loved this audiobook. Please join us!⁠


Tricks to Manage the Treats

Do you feel like the Halloween candy that’s already in shops taunts you every time you set foot in a store? Are those colorful bags of tempting treats calling your name? I think I hear Snickers calling mine.  

In many ways, the tempting sweets of Halloween kick off the holiday season. Family gathering, catching up on missed parties of last year, late-night socializing over homemade cookies, and champagne toasts bring us into the New Year, often with an average weight gain of a pound or two.

However, a few straightforward tips and tools can make all the difference.

Julie Kaminski 12 Holiday Eating Tips

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating Bookmark

Gentle reminders to help you shift away from the diet mentality and become more attuned to your body’s internal cues.

As we go into the #Hallothanksmas season filled with socializing and various treats, keep these tactics top of mind.

Download it here >

Julie Kaminski 12 Holiday Eating Tips


Tips to Managing the Treats postcard

I designed it to help you make mindful choices over the holiday season.

Post it where you will see it often for gentle reminders to keep you on track. You can print, cut out, and post for friendly reminders to eat mindfully.

Download it here >

Julie Kaminski 12 Holiday Eating Tips

Hunger Scale Bookmark

A handy scale to help you become more aware of your caloric needs before meals and snacks, and while you’re eating. We can usually tell when we’re hungry or full, but there’s a lot more nuance in both of those feelings than we may realize. Taking a minute to listen to your body will help you ensure you’re eating the right amount of food for you. Use this tool as a check-in before and during meals.

Download it here >

A little bit more about today’s downloads – I help people look at their physical and mental health holistically in my work as a Board Certified Health Coach.

The bookmarks are only two tools in an arsenal full of wellness and wellbeing instruments tap pulls from 30 years as a fitness professional, counselor, and health coach.

Want to know more about discovering, manifesting, and celebrating your personal recipe for health and happiness? Book a discovery session today.

I hope you enjoy these three tools!



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