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by | Mar 21, 2017 | Wellness

Healthy holiday tips…good topic but that was last month.


Topics that I pondered writing about this month.

As the new year approaches “reflection” resonated.

Working with clients, being part of a Mastermind group and my own recent “ah ha” moment, the act of reflection seemed fitting.

When I work with clients, often they look to “what’s next.” I have a client who came to me with the goal of weight loss; her desired goal was a about twenty pounds. Over the course of our work together she has lost significant weight. If you have any doubt that 12 pounds is significant, try picking up a ten-pound hand weight for perspective. However, she is always quick to point out it is not as much as she wanted. Upon reflection, she realized not only did she lose weight, she had made even more significant life changes.

In a mastermind group, a fellow participant was lamenting that she still had not completed a webinar piece. Her self-admitted Type A personality was irritated that she had left a goal unaccomplished. Again, in reflection, she acknowledged that, while the webinar was still under construction, she was able attend to more important tasks that cropped up unexpectedly AND resulted in positive impact on her business.

“Moving through life at ninety miles per hour,” was a phrase that stuck with me from a recent interview on the concept of savoring and Cupcake Moments. Maybe you can relate? As a parent, I am concerned Tristan completing his college applications… making hotel reservations for this Gabrielle’s dance season… as a professional, I’m behind on writing goals. Oh, and then there are the day to day tasks and obligations… whoosh, zoom, whiz… cross things off and a whole new list appears.

Can you relate to the speed?

This hit me like a ton of bricks about a week ago. Putting together a photo montage of 25+ years of time together for my husband for our wedding anniversary, the bricks fell. Holy crud! We’re doing OK, not only as a couple but as parents too. It was a spiritually refueling exercise because it allowed for reflection.

The day to day to-do lists still has numerous items, parenting still presents evolving hurdles, and the new project will probably take a little longer than hoped. My clients continue to work on their goals; Mastermind members will undoubtedly have tasks carried into the next week. Our hearts desires don’t occur in vacuum – life is happening.

But every once in a while, take time to REFLECT on all that YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED.

Happy healthy holidays everyone.



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