Do you know your core values?

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Wellness

Do you know what makes you tick? What jazzes you and gets you excited? Makes you feel happy? Engaged?

Do you know your core values?

Here’s a great place to start if you are curious – check out Virtues in Actions (VIA) from the leading institution on Positive Psychology, which measures your character strengths and doesn’t cost a penny. When you utilize your top strengths, you’ll feel authentic, happy, and energized, which will have a positive impact on your relationships, career, and personal growth.

Turns out businesses have core values too!

When I signed off the year 2016, I made my goal of revitalizing my website public. I committed! I hired a wonderful designer, and guess where our work started? By defining the core values of my business!

I loved the discovery process and the push to think deeper. As I geared up for the new website launch, I realize how much my brand values truly reflect what drives and motivates me when working with clients and speaking with women.

The six core values of my work come full circle. They start with curiosity and end with love but easily loop right back around to curiosity.


What makes my clients tick? What does optimal health look like for them? How does happiness manifest in their life? I’m curious.



Then we get clear. Who? What? Why? How? What are your strengths and your obstacles?



Yes! You deserve to live healthy and happy. How can we make it happen?



Let’s stay on track. Life is busy: I offer accountability, support and motivation.



You will have success and we will stop and reflect on your accomplishments! I’m all about savoring the Cupcake Moments of life!



The result of being curious, getting clarity, feeling validated, staying motivated and celebrating success? LOVING your life in all its colorful chaos.

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I’m grateful to the professionals I connected with, Jamie Leigh, Nicole Baute, Savor Circles, and good friends and family who supported through patience and enthusiasm.

And by the way, if you’d like to talk about how to implement the results of the Virtues in Action quiz, let’s connect! Tapping into your virtues on a regular basis is a great way to deliberately increase your happiness quotient. Click here to schedule a call with me and we’ll make some magic happen.



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