Six Holiday Season Survival Tips

by | Oct 30, 2016 | Wellness

A healthier holiday…by now most of us are aware of better choices at the holiday table and we know that a little exercise before a big meal is a good thing, but let’s talk real for a moment.

What should you stay away from on from this holiday? If you have silently said to yourself “my nutty mother.. aunt… in-law… cousin,” or other such person, you’re probably in the majority that find some aspect of holidays stressful because you have to deal with events outside the normal routine.

Whether it’s the kooky relative, stressful travel plans, pressure to have a Rockwell holiday, check out these six tips for making it through the holidays happy and healthy.


Six Holiday Season Survival Tips


1) Think about how you want to feel when the holidays are over.

Taking the time to get clarity about how you would like to feel after the hoopla is over will put you on the path to achieving the desired goal.


2) Once you’ve defined how you want to feel, give thought to multiple strategies to deal with potential stress.

If Aunt Sally’s consistent prying into marriage plans drives you nuts, prep yourself before the interaction. Plan A – minimize interaction if possible. Plan B – come up with a polite response. Plan C – bring others into conversation to deflect prying invasions.


3) Re-frame stressful events.

For instance, if your holiday plans require air travel, realize that there might be delays and re-frame the delay as an opportunity catch up on reading or time to play cards with the kids….I know this is a tough one…you can’t change the FAA, but you can change how you deal with the event.


4) Simplify.

It’s ok to say, “No thank you” or “Sorry I already have plans,” even if those plans are going to the gym, which lead me to the next tip.


5) Keep healthy habits a priority

The disruption in normal routine often drops self-care down on the list, but it’s times of stress that we need self care the most, especially sleep and exercise which can do wonders to combat strains of the holidays.


6) Take a deep breath

The simple act of deep breathing has be shown to reduce stress and if that doesn’t work – laugh. Laughter increases endorphins, decreases stress hormones, and has been found to replenish will power!

Incorporating just one of the above tools or tips can make a substantial difference to surviving the stress of the holidays. You CAN have a happy healthy holiday.




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