What’s Less than a Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

by | Sep 27, 2023 | The Walking Book Club

It’s the first anniversary of The Walking Book Club® e-Magazine, part of the Heart and Soul Programming.

In the past year, we donated to The Ripple Center, Blink Now (which helped procure a school bus), Room to Read, and Everytown. Thanks to everyone who subscribed. You gave yourself the gift of self-care and helped women, children, and the environment globally.


The Walking Book Club® e-Magazine is more affordable!

Subscriptions are now only 14.99/quarter or $5 a month – heck, that’s less than a latte. Single-issue purchases are $19.99 – still a bargain.

This quarter, please join us as we move and listen to The Mindful Body. Dr. Langer will be joining us on October 18th at 9:00 AM EST. 

We’ll also inspire you to have a mindful holiday with tips, tricks, and tactics to make it happen. AND complimentary reserved seating in the Heart and Soul Workshop: Mindful Holidays.

Your purchase also supports a charity aligned with The Walking Book Club®’s expanded global vision. It also helps to maintain and develop our community. (Yes, there are costs to keep the community viable.) 

The Walking Book Club eMagazine Fall/Winter 2023

Audiobook Extras

Do you listen to an audiobook and think, “Oh, that’s interesting. I’m curious to know more,” but then keep moving?

The audiobook extras in The Walking Book Club® e-Magazine answer those curious questions and comments for you.

For about the price of a fancy fruit smoothie, you receive the complete curriculum for The Mindful Body, including tons of audiobook extras to enhance your experience.

FYI, moving and listening are still self-paced. The Mindful Body has a suggested moving and listening time of one hour. Relevant audiobook extras with more information accompany each hour of activity. 

I promise you, you will walk away with something to inspire your health and happiness after listening and moving to The Mindful Body!

Thanks to everyone who supported our Heart and Soul programs this past year! You gave yourself the gift of self-care and helped women, children, and the environment globally.



Heart and Soul Book Chat

Dr. Langer joined The Walking Book Club for a Heart and Soul Book Chat about her book The Mindful Body. You can check out the recording on The Walking Book Club's YouTube Channel.

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