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by | Oct 22, 2019 | Wellness

Pre-Holiday Freebies for Happy, Healthy Eating Habits

The Walking Book Club just concluded The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson. We loved it. Our Healthy-Body Happy-Mind topic for the round was Intuitive Eating, a timely topic as we head into the epicurious season of #Hallothanksmas!


I’d love to pass on the tools that were shared in this past round as my pre-holiday gifts to you.

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating Bookmark: Gentle reminders to help you shift away from the diet mentality and become more attuned to your body’s internal cues. As we go into the #Hallothanksmas season filled with socializing and various treats, keep these tactics top of mind.

Hunger Scale Bookmark: A handy scale to help you become more aware of your caloric needs before meals and snacks, and while you’re eating. We can usually tell when we’re hungry or full, but there’s a lot more nuance in both of those feelings than we may realize. Taking a minute to listen to your body will help you ensure you’re eating the right amount of food for you. Use this tool as a check-in before and during meals.

“Really, Really, Really” Sticker Sheet: Printable stickers to post in helpful places. This is a quick way to check-in with yourself and curb your cravings. Put these in spots where they can serve as friendly self-check reminders when those cravings begin to whisper their sweet nothings.

Tips for Healthy Happy Eating through the Holidays: A digital postcard to help you make mindful choices. Post it where you will see it often for gentle reminders to keep you on track.

Thanksgiving swaps: Save a few hundred calories to help you stay healthy and happy this holiday season.

Please join us for the next round. Stay tuned for the selection. Our Healthy-Body Happy-Mind topic will be Healthy-Happy Holidays – Tips for Mind and Body.


My passion is helping people discover their unique recipe for a Healthy-Body Happy-Mind to make it easier to achieve.

That’s why this season I’m offering my Healthy-Body Happy-Mind 30 Day Jump Start Package — so you can commit to your health and happiness this holiday season and get a jumpstart on 2020.

Together we’ll work on being accountable to your goals and commitments this holiday season.

Healthy-Body Happy-Mind 30 Day Jump Start Package:

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  • encouragement and celebration of little victories
  • a structured approach to living well
  • 1 75-minute Discovery Session via Zoom or phone
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