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by | Apr 9, 2020 | The Walking Book Club

The Walking Book Club: a personal note


I want to send out gratitude to The Walking Book Club members. Connecting with all of you — seeing your questions, comments, and positive interactions — has warmed my heart, helped distract me from the chaos surrounding COVID-19, and kept me moving.

I hope I can return the gesture.


Happy highlights of the week:

  • We welcomed members from Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Scotland, and coast to coast here in the U.S. We truly are a global community.
  • We reminisced about childhood books —  Judy Blume, Nancy Drew, RL Stine, Charlotte’s Web, Ramona and more. “The clear divisions of ‘70s vs ‘80s vs ‘90s kids as we lay out our books,” was an apt observation from Jeanna.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped Amanda get some great audiobook recommendations for her parents.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on the Audie-nominated audiobook round.

Today, we start the book-to-screen round. We have five choices this round, including Artemis Fowl as an option for families to listen and move to while doing chores, crafts or cooking. Remember, any type of moving counts — even scrubbing toilets.

Grab some friends to join you! When this passes, you can all go see the movies together and celebrate your friendships.

The Walking Book Club with Julie Kaminski
The Walking Book Club with Julie Kaminski

Hope to see you in our discussion group.


Sending a big virtual hug,



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