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Workshops are free for Health-Quest Members; non-members pay $25 upon arrival at Health Quest which includes workshop and all workshop materials plus the use of the facilities for the day. Choose one or more of the workshops below, then enter your registration details and your workshop materials will be emailed to you.

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Workshops are free for Health-Quest Members; non-members pay $25 upon arrival at Health Quest which includes workshop and all workshop materials plus the use of the facilities for the day.

Wellness workshops | Ingredients for an ideal day

Ingredients for an Ideal Day

Everyone talks about wanting to be healthier or happier, but what does this actually mean? In this offering, I draw on positive psychology to help people take a powerful first step towards the answer.

Getting clear on what makes a regular day great for you will help you create your own personal formula for greater wellness and well-being. It might include an early rise with granola, or a state of creative flow only reachable at 2:00 AM. A solo walk on the beach, or a laughter-filled lunch with friends, or aspects of both.

Understanding the ingredients you need for a great day will motivate you to build the life you want to live. Participants walk away with a plan for small yet practical adjustments to infuse their everyday lives with greater health and happiness.

Thriving Through The Holidays

“The most wonderful time of the year” is a beautiful sentiment, but for many people the holidays are stressful.

From challenging family interactions to shopping for the “perfect” gift within your budget to managing your health through it all, the festive season often leaves us feeling harried. Learn two easy and fun strategies for a healthy, happy holiday, so you can welcome 2018 bright-eyed and joy-filled.

Wellness workshops | Cupcake Moments

About Julie Kaminski

Julie Kaminski
Julie Kaminski MA, NBC-HWC, holds a master’s of art with distinction in counseling psychology, specializing in group work, and a bachelors in business with an emphasis in health and wellness. She is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach who holds ACE certifications in Group Fitness, Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition. In addition, she is trained with Wellcoaches, the only coaching program endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Saybrook University's Mind-Body Medicine doctoral program.

Julie is the creator of numerous small group training curricula, including The Walking Book Club and Fitness Plus. She has 30+years of experience working in private practice, major corporations, clubs and health centers.

Julie’s areas of expertise include group counseling, dynamic group instruction and the development of creative solutions. She has extensive experience designing custom programs for individuals and groups across all areas of wellness, including fitness, health, nutrition, eating behaviors, stress management, and spiritual fulfillment. Her coaching skills include the application of motivational interviewing, goal setting theory and appreciative inquiry. She completed University of Pennsylvania’s Foundations of Positive Psychology and is the author of The Flourishing Home.

“As Director of Parent Relations and Special Events, it was a pleasure to work with Julie Kaminski in 2016. She kicked off our annual fashion event as a guest speaker, sharing stories and wisdom that the audience could relate to and be inspired by. Her book was well received as a take away and the committee was very grateful for her time and generous spirit.”

– Director of Parent Relations and Special Events

“As a facilitator Julie did a great job demonstrating the value of creating an environment that promotes one’s personal vision and highlighted commonly combed over elements of the home that actually contribute to the happiness and flow of the individual and family unit. How she was able to relate our home environment with other aspects of wellness- eating behavior, positivity, sleeping habits, relationships, and happiness was very fascinating.”

– WellCoach Webinar Participant

Julie Kaminski is like pulling a year’s worth of Self Magazine into one resource. She is an expert in home wellness and well-being and empowers her clients find the answers they need to be happy, healthy and sexy.

She is an expert at interviews, group work, and specialized small group training.”

– Colleen Regan Duerr

“It has truly been a pleasure to attend your classes and workshops. I can honestly say I was able to take away something positive for myself from every class I attended. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful gifts with us!!”

– Anne-Marie Lehmann

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