Change in seasons

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Wellness

(To our friends and members in parts of the world no longer in quarantine — bravo!) 

Nature’s sounds are shifting, mornings are a little cooler, and autumn hues are emerging in the garden; the change in seasons starting here in the Northeast.

In past years, September’s onset was a symbolic restart for me, a time to regroup, reprioritize, take inventory. As much as the rhythm of the season feels normal, back-to-school is a different experience this year. Whether it’s grade school or graduate school, the unknown of what academics looks like this fall is stressful and ripples outward.


Many “normal” routines are rearranged.

In reflection of the last six months, I have realized my motivation to stay active must come from a deeper level.

A reserved slot in a Pilates class or teaching my Friday morning group fitness class was all the accountability I needed to put aside the hour for exercise. Now, the motivation is knowing what I need to stay healthy, not from obligation or appointment.

Maintaining a healthy weight is no longer just about looking good in your favorite jeans, but staying as healthy as possible during a pandemic (let alone keeping non-COVID medical conditions under control.)


Here’s the “aha” lightbulb moment — it’s the work we do in coaching!

We dig deep into the “why” and the internal motivation; this is how meaningful goals are created. (Although I must admit, even as a health coach, I have challenging days when I procrastinate instead of logging onto the online Pilates class or shorten my walk. My husband would be the first one to agree I can be scary somedays.)

And while life is stressful, I believe it is an ideal time to pause and reflect, especially on our health. Here are a few prompts to get you started.

What is working well? Keep it going.

What could use a boost? Bring more of what works into your life.

What has been challenging? Now is the time to brainstorm about possible solutions.

What can you let go of or simplify? Boundaries and saying “no” are AOK.

I invite you to pull back the layers of “shoulds” and dig deep into what you need to improve or maintain your health. Seriously, your health matters.

And if you’d like some help, please reach out. I have a few virtual coaching slots open.



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