The Last Mrs. Parrish

Written by Liv Constantine
Narrated by Suzanne Elise Freeman and Meghan Wolfe


Motivation to Move: 4.7 Sneakers
Quality of Narration: 4.7 Sneakers
Overall Experience: 4.7 Sneakers
Moving and listening time: 12 hours moving and listening time
1.4 x narration speed for 8 hours 34 minutes of active time

REVIEW: Deliciously Dark

A well-paced psychological drama makes excellent audiobooks that motivate listeners to move in The Walking Book Club, and The Last Mrs. Parrish delivers.

You are drawn in immediately by the cunning, manipulative darkness of Amber Patterson, whose perspective makes up the book’s first half. The second half is from Daphne Parrish’s point of view, which has you questioning her gullibility. You may also be drawn into the storyline of New York City’s suburban elite’s glitz, glamour, and surreal lifestyle with high fashion and an unlimited budget.

The narration is pleasant and well done by both narrators, one for the voice of Amber and one for Daphne. Multiple narrators often enhance the audiobook experience, and The Last Mrs. Parrish delivers in this aspect as well. The change in perspectives also keeps you wanting to move to find out more and active up until the end. I upped the tempo to 1.4x normal without issue.

If you love story “fight back” she-ro movies like Julia Roberts in Sleeping With The Enemy and Jennifer Lopez in Enough, you’ll devour The Last Mrs. Parrish once you get started. Both characters play psychological “long games,” manipulating the day-to-day for a future outcome.

FYI, if this grabs your attention, check out the prequel The First Shot; however, this title is only available on Audible. And keep an eye out for the sequel! Book two is in the works.

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