Fourth Wing

By Rebecca Yaros
Narrated by Rebecca Soler with Teddy Hamilton



Motivation to Move: 4 Sneakers
Quality of Narration: 3.5 Sneakers
Overall Experience: 4 Sneakers
Total moving and listening time: 21 hours, 22 minutes

Challenging but fun adventure

Embarking on a thrilling journey beyond my usual genre comfort zone, I delved into the fantastical realm of Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros.

The first five minutes tested my resolve, but I persisted, driven by The Walking Book Club® collective choice. This foray into a new genre was a challenge but a fun adventure.

Fourth Wing, a fantastical journey beyond my usual genre comfort zone, is a unique audiobook that emerged as a delightful source of pure entertainment. It’s like immersing oneself in a more mature version of Harry Potter, Divergent, and Hunger Games. Despite the occasional cliches and cringe-worthy romance, it offers a simple joy that’s hard to resist.

So, if you’re willing to overlook the occasional one-star review and embrace the unique experience, you’re in for an amusing audiobook adventure.

I often speed up the tempo of my audiobooks while maintaining comprehension. However, the narration is marked by intense overacting, with the narrator’s voice frequently reaching high pitches and exaggerating emotions. This and the fast tempo make the listening experience a bit overwhelming. The voice acting isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s not my favorite. However, I did appreciate her vocal changes for the dragon voices. The length of the audiobook, at 20+ hours, makes it a two-week commitment if you move and listen about an hour a day.

Finally, I wholeheartedly recommend Fourth Wing to all fantasy novel enthusiasts and those seeking an entertaining audiobook experience. I eagerly await the sequel, ready to set aside any critiques and embark on another thrilling dragon-ride journey.

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