Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Holidays this Season

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Wellness

Perfection is overrated and striving for it is almost always a losing proposition. When the bar is set at 100%, the chances of disappointing yourself and feeling like a failure also runs high.

Instead, adopt the 80/20 rule, a mindset has become popular in diet philosophy recently but can be expanded to other wellness habits. Striving for consistent healthy habits, such as eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep, 80% of the time allows you the freedom to enjoy the 20% times and treats. This, in turn, relieves us negative thought, self punishment and guilt. And that results in a happier, healthier holiday.


Here are some ways the 80/20 rule can help this season:


1) Be a B student.

B students are more successful losing in maintaining healthy habits because they give themselves permission not to be perfect. In contrast, A students never let their guard down. Trying to maintain a high level of performance 100% of the time is exhausting and difficult to maintain with all the ups and downs that life can bring. Instead, go for the 80% end goal!


2) Maintain your food diary.

The slogan should be: If you bite it, you write it. But does that mean that 100% of the time, every bite, snack and sip has to be perfection? No! Actually, you know you’ve succeeded when you’re able to enjoy a moderate portion of a dessert or favorite food without feeling like you’ve cheated. Enjoying a dessert or other food – the 80/20 Rule which makes healthy eating a lot more fun.


3) Be a thoughtful “Monday Morning Quarterback.”

If your weekend was indulgent, spend Monday morning problem solving and strategizing for the next weekend. Find simple tips, tool, tricks and tactics that will help you maintain the 80/20 rule moving forward. A positive attitude is needed to help you re-focus for the week ahead.


4) Drop the all-or-nothing mindset.

Too busy for your regular workout? Don’t put away the sneakers yet – take a 30 minute walk instead. Any type of movement is better than none. Ate too much at the office luncheon? Get right back on track with healthy dinner.


5) Get enough sleep.

The 80/20 rule rarely works if you do not get enough sleep. Believe it or not, only 3-5% of the adult population can truly function on less than 7-9 hours of sleep a night. 50/50 will not cut it, without adequate sleep, healthy habits are nearly impossible to maintain.

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Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Holidays this Season




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