A NEW MISSION: Bringing Awareness to THE LITTLE Happy MOMENTS of LIFE

by | Jan 30, 2016 | Cupcake Moments

The world feels very tenuous right now to me and maybe you too. This last month’s events, domestically, politically, and internationally, weigh very heavy.

Over dinner conversation in the past years, our family has talked openly about the “what ifs.” At age 12, my daughter sent what she thought might be her last text, when her “safe” environment was compromised by an emotionally unstable person. Unfortunately texts such as her’s have become way too real.

We cope with multiple stressors. Not only do we cope with those that make the headlines, we have to cope as unique human beings – each with our own personal stressors, pressing obligations, and internal voices of concern.

We call upon our skills to cope everyday, whether they are effective/non effective, healthy/unhealthy, productive/unproductive.

Research in the field of positive psychology asserts that coping is the opposite of savoring. What I am realizing personally and professionally is that we can name our coping skills (where ever they fall on the spectrum) but it’s harder for us to name multiple savoring skills.

If we call on our personal set of coping skills to attend to the stress, should we also call on our skills to bring awareness to the “positive,” to value, celebrate and savor the happiness as well?

The big celebrations are often self evident and wonderful – graduations, weddings, birthdays… and should absolutely be savored and enjoyed. Equally and maybe more important are the little moments that occur quietly without great fanfare and sneak up unexpectedly.

When I listening to people’s answers on the concept of savoring, it’s often the unsolicited, unexpected and hidden moments that fill their heart and spirit… the quiet validation of a job well done as parent, professional, or friend, the appreciation of unconditional love expressed without solicitation, the birthday cake shared with immediate family.…often these moments are realized reflection. I’m finding that these types of occurrences become camouflaged or passed over as we more through our everyday obligations.

I assert we need to have coping and SAVORING skills, to balance the scale needed to deal with the negative with the ability to savor not only the big celebrations, to enjoy and bring awareness to the little moments of “positives,” – to savor our Cupcake Moments as well.



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