The Push audiobook review

By Ashley Audrain
Narrated by Marin Ireland

May 2021 Group Selection



Motivation to Move: 5.0 Sneakers
Quality of Narration: 4.0 Sneakers
Overall Experience: 4.5 Sneakers
Moving and listening time:8 hours 37 minutes. Listened at 1.4x for 7 hours of activity.


Psychological dramas are always great motivators to move.

The Walking Book Club has a friendly rule that you have to be moving to listen, and The Push definitely delivered.

At first, I questioned the style of writing as too choppy, but the style enhanced the story’s tension by the end. I felt both frustration and compassion for Blythe and wanted to reach through the headphones and implore Fox to help her; the complexities of emotions highlight the author’s ability to take us on a roller coaster of feelings.

The underlying themes of motherhood, the pressure to be a “good mother,” and suspected attachment disorder in The Push are on the darker side of psychological thrillers. It might make some listeners uncomfortable. However, it can also make for a binge-worthy exercise and activity session. You will want to know how it ends and when you get there, it might leave you feeling uneasy.

I sped up the narration and finished listening in a little under seven hours — perfect for a quick (and active) audiobook selection.

The Push is Ashley Audrain’s debut novel. I’ll be keeping my eye out for her next book.

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