The Perfumist of Paris

(The Perfumist of Paris, #3)

by Alka Joshi
Narrated by Sneha Mathan


Motivation to Move: 5 Sneakers
Quality of Narration: 5 Sneakers
Overall Experience: 5 Sneakers
Total listening and moving time:  11.75 hours at 1.0x Speed (7.83 hours at 1.5x Speed)

Perfumist of Paris Audiobook Review: Wonderful Conclusion to a Captivating Story That Spans Decades​

The Walking Book Club eagerly awaited the final chapter of the Jaipur Trilogy, “The Perfumist of Paris,” and it was our favorite of the series. Alka, once again, brings sights, history, and the sensory experience together magically. In The Perfumist, the way Alka weaves art and perfume together is fascinating.

When we select an audiobook, we offer audiobook extras to enhance the listening experience. I thoroughly enjoyed researching the people, places, and art of Radha’s story. Highlights include background on mitti attar and how the essential oil is captured, pictures of the art Radha was tasked with creating signature scents for, and the training to become a perfumist – each an engaging topic.

What makes the audiobook exceptional is the seamless way Alka includes each topic in the storyline. Beyond the vibrant descriptives, I was motivated to move because Radha’s predicament was also interesting. Without spoiling the ending, you will want to know if Radha’s story has a happy conclusion. Thus, Five Sneakers reviews for motivation to move.

Also, rating Five Sneakers is the quality of the narration. Sneha Mathan returns to the series with a mesmerizing reading for the audiobook.

Taken all together, The Perfumist of Paris is an ideal selection for those who like to learn while listening and enjoy a good audiobook. My only disappointment is that the series concluded. I would have enjoyed following Radha’s professional success.

I look forward to Alka’s next endeavor – it’s sure to weave new well-researched topics into an intriguing story.

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