The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store

By James McBride
Narrated by Dominic Hall
February 2024 Group Selection



Motivation to Move: 4.5 Sneakers
Quality of Narration: 5 Sneakers
Overall Experience: 4.5 Sneakers
Total moving and listening time: 12 hrs and 21 mins

The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store audiobook was well received in The Walking Book Club® community, especially by fans of James McBride’s work.

Racism, poverty, white supremacy, and the history of time, including musical elements, weave together in an intricate tapestry of community and struggle.

McBride, known for his masterful storytelling in works like “Deacon King Kong,” once again demonstrates his prowess in weaving intricate narratives that resonate deeply with listeners.

“The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store” characters that imprint on the mind. One aspect that detracts from the overall experience is the number of characters in the storyline. We suggest going to our Facebook discussion thread for a character guide to better differentiate the quirky and lovable characters, as well as those that bring the reality of racism.

The Walking Book Club® leans toward female writers and narrators. However, Dominic Halls’s narration was an enjoyable journey from our norm and has made it onto our list of highly talented voice actors.

If there is an overarching message to The Heaven and Earth Grocery store, it may be summarized as follows. Life is hard, and the struggle is real, but we should not give up because there is hope to prevail.

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