By Lottie Hazell
Narrated by Rebekah Hind Reb



Motivation to Move: 4.75 Sneakers
Quality of Narration: 5 Sneakers
Overall Experience: 5 Sneakers
Total moving and listening time: 7 hrs and 35 mins (6 hours 50 minutes at 1.3 speed)

Swallowing Feelings: A Culinary Journey Through Life’s Complexities

Lottie Hazell’s debut novel, “Piglet,” is a unique blend of delicious and disturbing flavors.

She masterfully mixes romance, women’s fiction, and horror elements, creating a narrative that defies traditional genre boundaries. This unconventional mix adds depth and intrigue, making “Piglet” a compelling listen for those who crave stories challenging the norm.

The story unfolds in the 90 days leading up to Piglet’s marriage to Kit, a period filled with joy, anticipation, and uncertainty. This time teems with events that stir excitement and apprehension, enhancing the motivation for listeners who enjoy an immersive experience.

North American listeners might appreciate switching to a British voice actor, whose deeper tone enhances the audiobook’s vocal appeal. This audiobook can be completed relatively quickly by listening during daily walks or weekend household projects.

One standout feature of the audiobook is its rich food descriptions, unparalleled vividness, and sensory appeal. Listeners may find themselves craving a cookbook version to recreate the tantalizing dishes described within the narrative.

The protagonist’s relationship with food is a central theme, revealing her struggles with control, identity, and familial dynamics. She grapples with the pressure to maintain control over her life, struggles to define her own identity, and navigates the complex dynamics of her family, particularly in supporting her anorexic sister. While the novel explores themes of disordered eating, it is ultimately about the protagonist’s lack of coping mechanisms and how she finds a sense of safety and control in food.

As a research professor specializing in subversive femininity in twenty-first-century fiction, Hazell brings a unique perspective to her storytelling. Her interest in domestic, food writing, and trauma narratives adds depth and nuance to “Piglet.” Additionally, as a game designer, she knows how to craft a narrative that keeps listeners engaged and on their toes.

In conclusion, “Piglet” is a debut that leaves a savory impression on listeners, inviting them to ponder the complexities of relationships, identity, and the role of food in our lives.

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