One of Us is Lying

by Karen M. McManus
Narrated by Kim Mai Guest, MacLeod Andrews, Shannon McManus, and Robbie Daymond



Motivation to Move: 4.2 Sneakers
Quality of Narration: 4.2 Sneakers
Overall Experience: 4.2 Sneakers
Moving and listening time: 10 hours 42 minutes. 7 hours 8 minutes at 1.5 tempo

REVIEW: Breakfast Club Flashback with a Twist

One of Us is Lying has been likened to The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars, which piqued my interest. If the reference immediately brings to mind pictures of Molly Ringwold, Allie Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, and Anthony Michaels walking into the library for detention like it did for me, put aside the Young Adult Classification and download this audiobook.

Five students walk into detention, and only four walk out – this sets the stage for a “who did it” mystery. However, there’s also a story to each character that reveals the truth behind the stereotypes. Add a splash of teen romance and angst, and you end up with a solid audiobook for an easy and intriguing listen that will keep you motivated to move.

The “brain,” “beauty,” “criminal,” and the “athlete” each have their own narrator. So if you like multicast narration, One of Us is Lying checks that block. Thus, good Sneaker Ratings for Quality of Narration. It might be a bit too speedy, but I sped the narration up to 1.5 for about 7 hours of active time, so you may want to consider an alternate narration tempo.

If you like audiobooks that are picked up for big-screen production, keep your eye out for One Of Us is Lying streaming on Peacock in late 2021. If you’ve never watched The Breakfast Club, you may want first to watch the John Hughes classic.

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