Hidden Potential

By Adam Grant
Narrated by Adam Grant



Motivation to Move: 3.5 Sneakers
Quality of Narration: 5 Sneakers
Overall Experience: 3.75 Sneakers
Total moving and listening time: 7 hours 22 minutes (1.2 speed: 6 hours 50 minutes)

A personal and engaging experience

Adam Grant’s Hidden Potential is a non-fiction audiobook that skillfully transforms the subject of human capability into an engaging journey.

Grant’s narrative style, enriched with relatable anecdotes, makes this a personal and engaging experience for anyone eager to uncover their hidden talents.

Hidden Potential explores untapped human potential by examining how our mindset, environment, and opportunities mold our growth. Grant blends scientific research with compelling real-world instances, breathing life into each concept. His pragmatic strategies for personal development are insightful and highly actionable, empowering listeners to reassess their approach to success and growth.

I recommend taking the time to download the accompanying PDF and a chapter guide to follow the organization of the audiobook.

Some members of The Walking Book Club® prefer non-fiction selections; if this resonates with you, Hidden Potential is an excellent choice. However, you will likely prefer the physical book if you like highlighting sentiments. There are many snippets worthy of noting. Motivation to Move: 3.5 Sneakers

Grant’s role as the narrator is one of the standout features of Hidden Potential. His narration is more than just a delivery of content. He infuses the audiobook with a lively and personal touch, making it feel like he’s walking with you, sharing insights as a leading psychologist. The pacing is not only engaging but also adaptable. You can increase the speed to 1.2 without sacrificing comprehension, giving you more control over your listening experience. Quality of Narration 5 Sneakers

Overall Experience: Hidden Potential is a motivational listen that delves deep into the nature of human growth and potential. Adam Grant’s dynamic narration and expert storytelling make this audiobook a worthy selection if you seek something informational.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to his work, Hidden Potential will inspire you and get you thinking about your hidden capabilities. Overall Experience: 3.75

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