Go As A River

By Shelley Reed
Narrated by Cynthia Farrell
February 2024 Group Selection



Motivation to Move: 4 Sneakers
Quality of Narration: 4.5 Sneakers
Overall Experience: 4.5 Sneakers
Total moving and listening time: 10 hours (6 hrs and 39 mins at 1.5-speed)

Nestled amid Colorado’s breathtaking natural surroundings lies a poignant tale of a young woman’s journey toward maturity.

Her unwavering strength and fortitude are tested when a serendipitous encounter alters her life forever.

With its compelling narrative and memorable characters, this audiobook will stay with listeners long after the final chapter.

This novel is a heart-wrenching yet inspirational masterpiece that delves into the themes of love and grief, family ties, and the resilience of the human spirit. If you loved “The Four Winds” or “Where the Crawdads Sing,” put Go As A River on your TBTL (to-be-listened-to) list.

Cynthia Ferrell’s masterful narration lends a captivating dimension to the novel, drawing the listener into the story’s world with ease. The audiobook’s length is just right for a week of immersive listening and moving, allowing for a complete experience of the family, landscape, and culture.

Shelly Reed’s masterful storytelling and profound insights make this a must-listen for anyone seeking a journey of the heart and soul.

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